About ufoear


-About ufoear-

UFOear is a high-end earphone brand created by Dongguan City Huaxian Industry Co., Ltd in March 2018. And as one of the expansion projects of Dongguan City Broad 3D Technology Co., Ltd., UFOear takes full advantage of 3D printing both in acoustics and exterior design, producing earphones with unprecedented design and performance. True to the brand name, UFOear earphones are full of sci-fi elements no matter in the earphone design, appearance or packaging. As well as the current UFO-111 and 112 and ET1 uniquely tuned for music genres, new products are always being researched, and custom molded monitors are available on request as well.

Being the current flagship product, the UFO-112 provides extremely rich music detail, incredible separation of instruments and vocals, and surreal imaging. Tuned perfectly for ACG music, we believe this also makes it a great match for general music, as the fast pace, high layering and great variety of ACG music makes for one of the most demanding proving grounds for any earphones. The UFO-112 is defined as a ‘super reference-class’ earphone, that is produced in a limited run of 2000 units world-wide.
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